Packaged Mulch Delivery

Packaged mulch is the easiest way to get your flower beds looking great again. We delivery mulch for any look you want at your home or place of business. Dyed hardwood, hardwood bark mulch, cedar, pine and many more. If you don’t see the type you want give us a call at 630-232-7258, we may have mulch types that are not shown.

Hand Placed Mulch Delivery

Ask us about our hand placed delivery. We will place each bag in your garden areas for you. You simply cut open the bags and rake out the mulch! A great looking yard doesn’t get much easier than that!

water softener pellets for delivery

Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch is derived from grinding the entire cypress tree. It is golden in color. It is resistant to decay and repels insects. It is an excellent weed barrier, retains moisture to your soil and insulates your plant material.

Sizes Available:2 cu.ft. bags

water softener pellets for delivery

Cedar Mulch

2.0 cu. ft. Cedar Mulch is a 100% wood ground covering that helps control weeds in landscape beds. It is naturally insect resistant and will help retain moisture in the soil to promote plant growth. Great cedar aroma.

Sizes Available:2 cu.ft. bags

hardwood packaged mulch delivery

Hardwood Bark Mulch

Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch is naturally beautiful around all your landscape plantings and beds. Great option for commercial and residential applications!

Sizes Available:2.0 cu.ft. bags

hardwood packaged mulch deliveryhardwood packaged mulch delivery

Pine Bark Nuggets or Mulch

Pine bark nugget pieces are medium to large in size. Great for acid loving plants and pine trees.

Sizes Available:2.0 cu.ft bags

water softener pellets for deliverywater softener pellets for delivery
water softener pellets for delivery

Dyed Mulch

Excellent weed barrier that retains moisture in soil and insulates plants.
Environmentally safe, no harm to children, pets or plants.

Available in:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gold
Sizes Available:2 cu.ft. bags