Ice Melt & Rock Salt

Salt Solutions has an ice melter to meet any requirement for your home or business! We don’t stop delivering when the snow is falling!

  • Calcium Chloride- Fast Acting, Works to -25° F
  • Magnesium Chloride- Safer for Pets, Works to -15° F
  • Sodium Chloride- Rock Salt, Works to +5°F, Very Economically Priced
  • Blended Ice Melt- We have blends of varying strength and costs

Contact us today if you need help choosing the right ice melt for your application or budget.


PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets are the premier
snow and ice melter, ideal for clearing sidewalks,
driveways and parking lots. It melts ice up to 3 times
faster than competing materials, and outperforms other
products across a wide range of temperatures.

Melts To: -25° F

Sizes Available:50LB bags

Rock Salt

A proven performer, IceAway® economically clears sidewalks of snow and ice in winter weather. Its crystals are optimally sized for melting performance.

Sodium chloride rock salt is the most cost effective way to keep pavement clear of ice when the temperatures are above freezing.

Melts To: 5°F

Sizes Available:50LB bags


A green-tinted, high performance ice melt product containing a blend of sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides for faster, colder temperature melting than regular rock salt. GreenMelt® ice melt is green-tinted for easy-to-see coverage on ice and packed snow. Formulated for minimal to no staining when used as directed.

Melts To: -5°F

Sizes Available:50LB bags

IceAway MAX™

Magnesium flakes are an environmentally friendly option for your ice melt needs.

Melts To: -25°F

Sizes Available:50LB bags

MVP 3-Way Deicer

MVP 3-Way de-icer’s easy to see blue dye makes accurate application easier during the day and in the middle of the night. It is used to remove snow and ice from walkways, driveways, parking lots, and roads while being safer on concrete then rock salt when used as directed. MVP 3-Way de-icer is proud to be made in the USA.

Melts To: -10°F

Sizes Available:50LB bags