Delivery & Service

Salt Solutions will take care of all the lifting when you need water softener salt, ice melt or mulch. We deliver to residential and commercial customers across Chicagoland and the suburbs.

Hand Salt Delivery

Hand delivery water softener salt
When you place an order with Salt Solutions, we will set up a 4 hour delivery window. When our delivery technicians arrive, they will hand carry each package or salt or ice melt to WHERE YOU WANT IT!

When ordering water softener salt, our techs will actually fill your brine tank and stack the remaining bags next to your softener or in a predesignated location. Salt Solutions offers this service for residential and commercial customers alike.

  • 4-hour window
  • We service your area every week
  • Saturday deliveries available
  • We carry the salt to where you want it
  • We will fill your water softener (when applicable)

To Door Delivery

Hand delivery water softener salt
Salt Solutions also offers a ‘To Door’ Delivery. If you are not able to be on location for the delivery, we can neatly stack them on your doorstep, next to your garage door or any access point to your facility that can have our truck parked near.

Hand Placed Mulch Delivery

Hand delivery water softener salt
When you need mulch for your yard and garden areas, we offer our ‘Hand Placing’ service. You have the option of a simple delivery of the mulch bags dropped in your driveway. Or let us do most of the hard work, we will evenly disburse each bag of mulch around your mulch beds and trees. Simply cut the bags open, dump them out and spread the mulch! You don’t have to haul the bags or wheelbarrows all over your property.